Iflexion builds multi-platform healthcare apps that facilitate quality care delivery for doctors and independent health management for patients.

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Healthcare Application Development

We build native, cross-platform and hybrid apps for web and mobile devices for patients and medical professionals. Our apps help ensure smooth online communication, streamline hospital workflows, and power productive health management within and outside of clinical facilities.

Telehealth Apps

Well-versed in telehealth app development, we build secure telemedicine software that brings medical appointments to any location. Our platform-agnostic teleconference tools help healthcare companies provide quality care and keep track of patients’ health dynamics thanks to seamless integration with EHR systems.
  • Zero exposure risks
  • Easier and faster triage
  • Improved patient experience
  • Quality care in remote areas
  • Health education options

CDM Apps

We offer healthcare app development services by setting up convenient and effecient web and mobile chronic disease management (CDM) apps. To provide timely care and prevention for each patient, we integrate these apps with key clinical systems and external sources such as research centers, public health data, and more.
  • Accessible health management for patients
  • Timely health crisis prevention
  • Patient education
  • Improved engagement

Remote Patient Monitoring Apps

Combining our expertise in wearable tech and medical data analytics, we develop applications for effective remote patient monitoring. They help keep track of health conditions in real time and collect rich analytical data for precise treatments.
  • 24/7 patient monitoring
  • Health patterns and trends identification
  • Targeted interventions with minimal delays
  • Improved patient outcomes
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Specialized Healthcare Apps

Our company creates custom healthcare solutions to target specific diagnostic and care delivery workflows, from intelligent medical image analysis to AR-powered medical training and patient education.

Relying on our expertise in machine learning and computer vision, we create desktop, web, and mobile apps for smart medical image analysis.
Our systems run on advanced neural networks that successfully learn on the go and independently analyze medical scans of various formats for researchers’ and clinicians’ further validation.

  • Streamlined medical decision-making
  • Better diagnostics, including non-invasive methods
  • Lower patient exposure and number of scans necessary
  • Reduced error rates

We use AR, VR, and 3D imaging for better diagnostics, education, and treatment. We develop informative and interactive mixed reality apps for clinicians, medical students, and patients to provide realistic simulations without risks associated with physical interventions.

  • Improved training and disease management
  • Valuable insights into patients’ experiences
  • Advanced care options for chronic condition patients

Our mHealth solutions enable users to monitor their health parameters via wearable devices while managing their health, lifestyle and habits independently. Our mHealth app development solutions comprise software for fitness, sleep, nutrition, behavior and mental health monitoring, self-management, and more.

  • Continuous health monitoring
  • Independent and supervised decision-making
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Treatment personalization

Our Healthcare App Developers’ Priorities

Compliance & Security

Our medical app developers follow best security practices and industry standards while setting up secure storages that fully protect sensitive data from leaks, potential breaches, and exploits.


Our developers make mobile and web medical solutions fully interoperable with their target digital environments via APIs, communication protocols, custom connectors, and unified data formats.

User Experience

We follow the user-centric approach to make our mobile and web medical apps intuitive and easy-to-use for everyone, regardless of the devices they use. For this, we call on our expert-level UX designers and usability testing professionals.

Our Health Tech Toolbox

To develop apps that meet the healthcare industry challenges efficiently, we employ a broad set of technologies — mobile frameworks, cloud platforms, AR/VR tools, SDKs, and more.

Mobile Platforms

Iflexion provides professional medical mobile app development services on projects of any scale and complexity, creating native, cross-platform, and hybrid apps for iOS- and Android-based devices and tablets, as well as platform-agnostic PWAs.

Cloud Platforms

We rely on our cloud computing expertise to create custom cloud-based applications in private, public or hybrid environments. We also deploy cloud-based middleware for wearables, IoMT, and telehealth solutions, enabling secure data storage and processing.

AR Technologies

When developing mobile medical AR solutions, we use the most robust platforms and SDKs. We choose the tools depending on the specifics of your project and target devices.

Selected Technologies


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