We join forces with forward-thinking financial institutions, from traditional banks to fintech startups, to make digital finance yet more convenient and secure with our solutions.

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Iflexion provides full-cycle custom fintech software development and consulting services to help businesses across every financial industry's sector drive digital transformation and get the most of their financial data.

Omnichannel Banking

The new generation of customers expects flawless and consistent digital banking services. Iflexion's development team meets this demand by digitizing conventional banking experiences across all channels.
  •  Online self-service banking solutions
  • Mobile banking apps
  • 24/7 chatbots and cognitive assistants
  • Integrated fraud detection analytics
  • Data-driven personalization

Wealth Management

With the help of big data and machine learning, our fintech software development company builds comprehensive wealth management systems that facilitate asset management.
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Robo-advisors for investment portfolio management
  • Financial strategy recommendations
  • Risk analytics

Trading Platforms

Our experienced fintech software developers create next-gen trading platforms, empowering individual and corporate traders with a wide range of trading instruments accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • ML-based trend analysis
  • Market fluctuation forecasts
  • Customizable stock data visualization tools
  • Mobile trading apps
  • Real-time alerts

P2P Lending

Being a largely underserved niche, P2P lending solutions help companies get ahead of the competition. Iflexion’s developers help fintech companies expand their market reach through alternative lending platforms development.
  • Personalized portals for investors and borrowers
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Digitized debt financing
  • Credit underwriting automation


Our developers can help an insurance enterprise personalize its products, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease operational costs by taking their customer-facing services and back-office tasks to fintech platforms.
  • Claim management automation
  • AI-driven risk assessment
  • Online on-demand insurance
  • Mobile telematics integration

Online Payments

Our developers help fintech companies with integration of third-party payment gateways and development of custom omnichannel online payment services.
  • Digital wallets
  • Contactless payment solutions
  • B2B transaction platforms
  • Blockchain-powered P2P payment networks


In-branch Engagement

Our developers help banks and fintech companies enhance their in-branch customer experience through location-based technologies such as iBeacons integrated with customer data analytics and real-time personalization solutions.
  • Engage customers with proximity-based notifications
  • Collect engagement intelligence
  • Send hyper-personalized offers

Financial CRM Development

Iflexion delivers CRM software development, custom or Salesforce-based, to help fintech companies better communicate with clients, automate sales operations, and gain valuable insights from every interaction and customer reviews.
  • Automate sales and deal-closing workflows
  • Segment customers at a granular level
  • Identify high-LTV and high-risk customers
  • Apply custom pricing models
  • Understand and prevent customer churn


Predictive Analytics

By combining data mining with advanced AI engineering, we offer the development of models that can predict customer behavior, calculate risks, and forecast market trends to help fintech institutions make informed decisions. .
  • Fraud detection
  • Sales forecasting
  • Risk assessment
  • Predictive marketing 

Data Visualization

We provide development and set up of data visualization solutions to help fintech organizations build meaningful reports that rest on the best practices of data storytelling and communicate business-critical information to users at all levels.
  • Automated data preparation
  • Customizable report templates
  • Intuitive dashboards

Self-Service BI

Iflexion provides the development of self-service business intelligence tools to help fintech decision-makers perform analysis and generate reports on their own.
  • Accessible data analytics tools
  • Facilitated report generation
  • On-demand insights


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an integral technology to our data-driven fintech software development services. We train and apply AI solutions to forecast stock fluctuations, recommend trading decisions, evaluate portfolios, detect fraud, optimize investment strategies, and empower financial decision-making overall. For customer-facing services, we improve the experience by implementing advanced AI-powered chatbots and cognitive assistants.

Blockchain & Digital Currencies

We use blockchain as a superior data storage and management method to help overcome transparency and security challenges, which is crucial in fintech application development. Whether it’s token-based crowdfunding platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, or digital money transfer applications, our expertise in blockchain-based development ensures these fintech solutions are cost-effective, scalable, and secure.

Fraud Prevention Solutions

We develop bespoke fraud detection solutions that can autonomously inspect transactions based on user behavior, device location, and transaction history. Our engineers deploy custom ML models that flag suspicious events and instantly block potentially malicious actors. To help you navigate the fraud prevention landscape, we design custom reporting tools that facilitate real-time risk assessment through big data visualization.
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Our cybersecurity specialists constantly monitor the ever-changing landscape of fintech cyberattacks and develop advanced security measures to combat them. Iflexion’s developers build custom threat models based on your criteria and tailored to particular business cases, run penetration tests, and implement biometrics-based user authentication.

We create fintech solutions that grow as your business does. Our development team helps financial organizations accommodate their ever-increasing online user base without compromising security or straining their human resources. For this, we rely on our cloud computing and microservices architectures so that you can scale up with confidence.

With any type of financial software, improvement iterations will be required to propel your business forward. By outsourcing our support and maintenance team, you get will regular code reviews, seamless software updates, and the system kept stable and fully compliant with data management regulations at all times.


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