SAP Hybris: A Customer Care Powerhouse

Learn more about the diverse ecosystem of applications and products within SAP Hybris that can scale and transform your customer care capabilities.

Customer care is the epitome of marketing. Just like any loyalty, brand loyalty is tested during tough times. If businesses can put forward customer support and make sure that customers are always satisfied - they will, in return, get unquestioned loyalty. Retaining a customer may be up to 25 times cheaper than acquiring a new one. So stellar customer support is a must for any business that wants to stay afloat.

We previously covered this topic on our blog. We’ve also reviewed SAP Hybris and its personalization capabilities that influence the overall customer experience. But we haven’t put together the two topics in a more focused way. So today we’re going to be looking at various options for customer care enablement with SAP Hybris and how they could help you boost retention and LTV of your customers.

If you’re considering Hybris, you should get acquainted with what’s under the hood and why these features matter so much for your CRM strategy before you start looking for ecommerce development services that can help you with its implementation.

Let Customers Serve Themselves

Clear and concise product information that’s readily available to customers is an overlooked way of providing customer care. Around 60% of customers view sites with the self-service option more favorably than those that don’t have it. What’s even more important is that, according to Microsoft’s Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, 90% of customers expect brands to offer self-service support options. This means that implementing highly robust and informative self-service capabilities is a must for any consumer-centric business.

This is a win-win situation, as brands get to satisfy an emerging consumer behavior trend and lower customer care costs, as people engage with actual customer support representatives less frequently. SAP Hybris offers a great variety of self-service options that cover a wide range of customer expectations about a system like this.

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SAP Jam Communities

This service allows you to create forum-like destinations where your customers can participate in conversations about the product, ask and answer product-related questions. This way, they’ll be practically building the product knowledge base themselves.

SAP Jam Collaboration

This service has similar functionally to Communities, but it's explicitly designed for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among your employees. This is the perfect gateway product if you’re considering democratizing access to information within your company.

Knowledge Center

The solution allows you to structure your product information in a coherent and detailed manner. The biggest value of this solution from a product perspective is the ability to see what information customers are interacting with. Such analytics allows you to tailor data and facilitate a smooth self-service experience conveniently.

Hana Cloud Platform

A ticketing system allows you to track customer issues, enrich tickets with files and additional information to expedite the quickest resolution of product issues. It also allows you to track ticket statuses that could be easily integrated with your customer support system.

Heavy-hitters like Walmart are using these capabilities to grow and maintain their product stewardship network with real-time quantitative data analytics provided by Hana. This use case also shows how Hybris and its customer-focused capabilities could be used to power B2B relationships in large enterprises, where various divisions play the role of the customers, while outside third parties serve as product managers.

Chatbots Are Great. People Are Better

With chatbots slowly taking over some of the customer care roles and responsibilities of informing and guiding the customers, it’s important to remember that real customer care representatives still matter. Actual customer care reps can serve as a vehicle of customer feedback, unlike current chatbots that are only fit to follow specific commands. So it’s hard to sift through a chatbot’s logs and extract information from unstructured data.

Customer care is also the face of your company. So having a real person can speak volumes about the way you treat and value your customers. In a world where companies are trying to automate these processes, genuine live support can actually make your business stand out. Even the definition of good customer care by the Australian government specifies that it’s done by people.

A survey by Genesys is also pretty straightforward about the value of human customer care:

The Most Important Aspect of Customer SuportImage Source

Luckily, Hybris offers a pretty solid selection of customer care solutions through its Service Engagement Center that can drive the ‘human service’ in customer care.

Unified Customer Support Experience

Customer care routine is pretty much similar to any office work - you go through tabs, pages, and documents. There’s also chatting and calling. What’s cumbersome in this experience is the fact that you have everything in different places. One company supports your chat agent. Your IP phone is supplied by a different provider. You have a custom wiki open to answer questions, and there’s also a PDF file that you have to go through. This takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and ultimately removes the focus away from the customer, as the support rep is frantically trying to find the right solution.

With the unified agent desktop solutions, which are part of SAP Hybris product offerings, your customer care representatives will be able to do all of their routine work within a single interface. The package includes:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Tickets
  • Community integration through SAP Jam
  • Direct link to SAP ERP

It also includes technical capabilities like IVR, which screens users through a voice recognition system, as well as routing, based on the agent’s skills. This way, your customers will always be put through to the ‘best human’ they could interact with. This engagement could also be filtered via a chatbot before the conversation is transferred to a real person.

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Next-Level Servicing

This is the logical continuation of the customer experience. It is one thing to engage customers online and often before the purchase. But being able to precisely service their needs offline in a timely and professional manner is maybe even more critical.

Quality field service is a competitive advantage and a customer retention toolData Sources: 1, 2, 3

It’s essential to know that, if something goes wrong, the customer can be sure that you’ll fix everything. Reliability is a valuable retention metric, so you shouldn’t disregard the quality and efficiency of your servicing team if your product requires having one (manufacturing, machinery, IoT, etc.).

Hybris enables your service personnel to perform their duties according to the highest standards of customer care with their Proactive Field Service package.


Built-in scheduling capabilities allow your servicing management to assign and schedule service appointments with ease. Think of it as Google Calendar, but designed specifically for servicing purposes.


The package includes a servicing documentation database that you can structure conveniently and let your technicians access it online and offline when they’re on site with the customer.


Hybris also allows you to incorporate various service tracking capabilities, like service-level agreements (SLAs), warranty information, data about available service parts, and contract details. So your technicians could make decisions while they’re in the field.

It allows you to track records about equipment installations for any number of locations, as well as record specific components used for them. So you can have a full service record, down to serial numbers of parts, notes about the installation provided by technicians, and other data.

Your technicians will also have the ability to track information from previous installations. So the whole system works like an electronic health record (EHR) for any individual customer.

Performance Tracking

You can easily track your service department members, log their activities and receive detailed information about their work. Track performance and manage time with easy-touse apps, compatible with tablets and smartphones.

Needless to say that all of these capabilities are integrated with other solutions that are part of your SAP Hybris cloud, with integration that spans a variety of customer care, supply chain management, and production departments.


There are plenty of business platforms that offer some customer support capabilities. But most of the time, you’ll have to involve third parties and even create a standalone product that plugs a hole in your customer care pipeline. The continuity isn’t there and that influences the effectiveness of the entire pipeline.

But SAP Hybris helps you alleviate a lot of these problems by offering a variety of customer support solutions in a single package that can be integrated with the rest of your business. These support solutions range from the ability to provide self-service and advanced customer care to improved servicing capabilities for your technical staff that performs maintenance and warranty repairs on site.

All of these services are handled within a single interface and are located within a unified ecosystem, so the data can flow freely through all of your customer care divisions and empower each rep or customer with the information that they need at the right time. So if you’re looking for a multichannel customer care solution - SAP Hybris should be one of your top contenders.

What other business platforms offer a comparable level of customer care capabilities? Have we missed something important about SAP Hybris in this matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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