We help businesses drive their growth, streamline decision-making, and get the most out of their data with custom AI solutions.

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Our AI Software Development Services


Based on our evaluation of your company’s AI readiness, goals and business challenges, we identify specific AI opportunities, assess ROI, and help you outline a clear AI vision and its implementation roadmap.

Data Preparation

Depending on the outlined business objectives, we pick use-case specific datasets and set up data preparation processes, including its aggregation, cleansing, and structuring.


We develop custom ML-powered solutions that can autonomously interpret complex data, detect trends and patterns, predict outcomes, and solve various operational challenges.


Iflexion’s AI experts can completely redesign your business workflow or augment its functionality with AI-based software, while keeping your existing system integrity intact and meeting regulatory compliance requirements at all levels.

AI for Business Process Automation

We combine AI and robotic process automation to help businesses optimize their resource spending, alleviate workload, minimize errors, and increase productivity.

Streamlined Data Management

Our AI-driven solutions can streamline aggregation and processing of both structured and unstructured data, enabling enterprises to speed up their decision-making and proactively address changes to their business environment.

Resource Spending Optimization

By offloading manual data input and other repetitive tasks to AI, organizations eliminate human error risks and increase throughput, while allowing employees to focus on more value-adding work.

Regulatory Compliance

By automating regulatory compliance processes, companies can stay on top of the ever-changing legal landscape, enabling continuous compliance with regulations related to customer data management, sales and financial reporting.

Continuous Efficiency Improvement

Our custom AI models can monitor and analyze the efficiency of your current business workflows and suggest ways of improvement. This allows companies to identify operational bottlenecks and maintain business continuity.

Artificial Intelligence Development for Big Data Analytics

Our AI development expertise extends to deployment of AI-powered big data analytics solutions, allowing organizations to turn massive amounts of data into frontline actions.

Product Development

We help companies enhance their product launch and management strategies by augmenting human intelligence with AI-driven software development solutions.
  • Identify new product opportunities 
  • Intelligently prioritize product features and attributes
  •  Tap into ML-driven competitive analysis
  •  Determine optimal pricing strategies

Customer Insights

Our AI software developers can deploy a custom service-centric platform that analyzes both internal and external data in real time to deliver deep customer insights.
  • Understand relationships between customer needs, behavior and market situation
  • Identify reasons behind purchases and churn 
  • Analyze customer sentiment across the web 

Real-time and Predictive Analytics

We develop powerful predictive analytics engines, enabling organizations to take preemptive actions based on anticipated market trends and customer behavior.
  • Forecast market fluctuations
  • Predict equipment failure
  • Enhance supply chain management 
  • Detect fraud

AI-driven Personalization

Iflexion helps companies win customers’ attention by integrating sophisticated AI-based content delivery models. From AI-assisted customer service to ecommerce recommendation engines, these solutions are for engaging with audiences in new meaningful ways.
  • Tailor product descriptions to customers’ intent and behavior
  • Enhance product information management
  • Engage customers with personalized creatives
  • Maximize upsell and cross-selling by recommending the most relevant products in real time
  • Recognize customers during interactions across all channels
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Solutions for Intelligent Transformation

We help businesses achieve operational efficiency, gain better customer insights, identify new growth opportunities, and unlock hidden value of their data by implementing ML-driven tools.

Conversational AI

We design chatbots and cognitive assistants to instantly resolve common inquiries, track customer sentiment, and tap into up-selling automation while decreasing operational costs.
  • NLP-powered chatbot design
  • Bot integration into customer-facing apps


We help companies streamline enterprise and consumer IoT data aggregation and processing to improve security and cut the time between insight generation and action.
  • Smart sensor data analysis 
  • Predictive maintenance enablement 
  • Autonomous machine decision-making

Computer Vision

From improved security to workflow automation to enhanced data analysis, we help companies extract information from images and videos and turn it into insights.
  • Facial recognition 
  • Biometric verification 
  • Smart CCTV systems 
  • Visual inspection platforms 
  • Medical image analysis


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