Urgent Website Improvement Growing into Strong Partnership

  • Project rescue: website improvement and release speed up
  • ITIL-driven development process setup
  • Source code migration, refactoring and functionality extension
  • Perfective maintenance and Support 
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Banking & Finance

For a leading financial corporation in CIS, Iflexion has become a one-stop development shop, that molded well-thought development process from non-systematic operations.



Our Customer is one of Russia’s largest full-service financial corporations offering a wide range of banking, investment, pension plan and life insurance solutions.

Realizing the strategic importance of the company’s existing website for sales driving and brand promotion, the Customer entrusted its improvement and modernization to a local contractor.

Yet, disappointed with the contractor’s performance and quality of deliverables, they started looking for another software vendor to speed up website improvement and meet the deadline set by the business plan. They entrusted the project to Iflexion, relying on our rich web development expertise proved by years of experience and solid track record.


Iflexion delivered a comprehensive feature set in tune with elegant UI design that enables smooth experience for both the website’s visitors and content administrators:

  • Custom CMS with flexible layout composition capabilities (text, static banners, banner sliders, animations, videos and more). The CMS is designed to support unlimited number of the bank’s websites and provides for centralized management of custom product pages of different websites.
  • Workflows automation. Using the implemented Jelastic monitoring connectors, the solution checks up-to-datedness of the website financial data and updates financial info from CVS and XML files.
  • BI-enabled credit, deposit and mortgage calculators with flexible parametrization. 
  • E-commerce engine covering end-to-end coins sales from secure payments to order maintenance.
  • Feedback forms for gathering customers’ opinion.
  • User behavior tracking. The implemented algorithms aggregate data on users’ mistakes, generating the grounds for analysis of clients’ needs and the product enhancement. 

Development Process

Because of the poor source code and complicated system architecture, the solution was low-performance and difficult to maintain and change.

Iflexion allocated a team of experienced business-analysts, who investigated the context, prepared documentation and jumpstarted website improvement in 2 days. 

Dealing with challenges

Iflexion managed to adjust its processes to the Customer’s needs without hurting the quality of the delivered services. We undertook non-typical tasks and coped with the following challenges:

The project scope was distributed between the development and support teams:

Development team

Nine software engineers started with fundamental upgrade of scattered development processes to well-organized Scrum and simplified bulky and non-flexible system architecture. Thereafter, they proceeded with the source code refactoring in compliance with the RoR guidelines, extension of the custom CMS, and development of a fully-fledged e-commerce module. Ultimately, the source code got cleaner, easier to monitor and flexible to escalate. The CMS now featured flexible layout building and centralized content management of multiple Customer’s websites and the website got instrumental for online coin sales. 

Support team

Thirteen customer support specialists got into the game, as soon as the website released. To ensure the system’s smooth operation, they set up monitoring of the project environment, website availability, operations’ succession and functional performance, meanwhile processing the upcoming incidents. Relying on the acquired statistics, the customer support specialists suggested the solution to be migrated from reg.ru to o7.com hosting. Additionally, they created and maintained the project knowledge base. All in all the Iflexion’s team achieved impressive increase of the website’s performance.

Iflexion’s major achievement is the Customer’s absolute trust. They consider Iflexion not just a software vendor, but also a reliable partner capable to assist or give valuable advice in all business-related situations. 


The solution’s UI was implemented using Jquery, Angular and Ajax technologies, while business logic rests on Ruby on Rails. For the database layer we applied powerful PostgreSQL database system.

The application was integrated with the Yandex.Maps web service and a custom mobile application.


With its contribution in website improvement, Iflexion helped the Customer to improve and accelerate time-to-market of their product. The Customer was utterly satisfied with Iflexion’s commitment, operational efficiency and pro-active stand, as well as the value we delivered for their business:

  • Migration to o7.com hosting allowed cutting down on the server expenses and support & maintenance costs.
  • The general amount of incidents recorded by monitoring systems diminished by 10 times
  • The number of major incidents requiring software engineering participation reduced from 12 to 2-3 per week
  • After the product release, the website traffic was calculated as 50 unique users per second
  • The system stability has risen by 26%
  • Iflexion completed 530 development tasks
  • Every deploy was covered by 1462 unit tests.

At present Iflexion continues collaborating with the Customer’s team, caring for the website’s evolution in compliance with the latest market requirements.  

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