Total Revamp of the Expense Management Software Growing into 15+ year Collaboration

  • Redevelopment of a desktop expense management system using Java technologies
  • 15+ years partnership: system support and maintenance
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Having upscaled CarlaBella’s expense management system, Iflexion has become a long-term reliable partner continuously evolving a line of the company’s SaaS-based products.



Our client CarlaBella is based in France and a globally recognized provider of corporate-level finance solutions for automating tax-reporting workflows. Upon realizing that their flagship expense management software ceased to meet the scalability, performance and functionality needs of the market, CarlaBella started looking for a qualified and experienced vendor for the redevelopment and a functional facelift of the application. Based on our solid track record, CarlaBella entrusted the task to our company.


The Customer’s solution was designed to support and automate the workflows of both financial officers who oversee and manage expenses and Human Resource managers who control and manage workforce data.

The major task was to convert the legacy LAN-based desktop solution, into a web-based expense management software based on the SaaS model. Moreover, the client asked to supplement the functionality stack with state-of-the-art features.

As a result, the Iflexion team leveraged the potential of Java to transform a Delphi-based desktop application into a scalable and load-resistant web service with the following functionality:

  • Data upload from heterogeneous sources. Business data can be uploaded manually, automatically or via a data import. All information is sorted by accounting period in order to simplify the management of employee expense claims.
  • Control. The workflow accepts expenses submitted by the employees, which are then transmitted for approval by the appropriate managers. Refused claims are handled as such by the accounting module.
  • Accountancy. Once the expenses have been inspected by the finance manager, they are passed to the accounting module, which creates audit trails of transactions due for payment as well as an audit trail of rejected expense claims.
  • Payment. The audit trail(s) of claims due for payment are relayed to the paymaster, who then controls and validates payment of these expense claims. The payments module also processes the corporate card expenses, using the external files transmitted by card-issuing banks.
  • Setup. The setup module contains the company and pertinent employee information, the configuration settings, and so on.
  • Reporting. Business analysts can generate both standard and ad hoc customized queries as reports that can then be exported into Excel.
  • Options. The options module is used for access management and for granting user rights. This option also manages the white label options, enabling the client to customize the appearance of the screens with their own branding, such as logos and company colors.
  • Import/Export. The system receives data imports from banks and other sources. It exports reports generated and outputs from the accounting module.

The solution provides for flexible package opportunities for subscribers. Depending on their business case, customers can either opt for an integrated platform or select separate products depending on their requirements. They can focus on one or more of the following options:

  • Expense management
  • Invoice management
  • Management of activities
  • Order management
  • Advance management
  • Managing employee leave and absence

As soon the initial development was completed, Iflexion took on the system support and maintenance. For over 12 years, the client’s core product has been evolving in tune with market changes, under the supervision of Iflexion’s team.


The shift from desktop to web entailed a total technological revamp of this expense management software. The business logic of the application was rewritten with the use of Java, and the architecture was modified to an SOA (service-oriented) model, which enables reuse and facilitates ease of access to the various services.

JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology was used to implement the user interface. This enables the insertion of Java code into an HTML page and the collection of input from system users. The complex and critical business logic component was developed using EJB. The JDBC database access layer developed by Iflexion enables the support of multiple application servers (including BEA Weblogic, Red Hat JBoss and IBM Websphere) and databases (Postgre, MS SQL and Oracle 10.0 and up).

This application has seamless integration with third-party systems, enabling connectivity with the company’s HR and payroll systems as well as the accounting function, in addition to the supporting services of external providers.


This web-platform delivered by Iflexion has helped a lot of companies to optimize their time, expense management and human resources, by providing a flawless service and ensuring customer satisfaction. The various companies that have adopted the system have generated over two million records since the revamped application was originally deployed in 2001.

As an indicator of their satisfaction with our work to date, CarlaBella entrusted another large development project to us: a large-scale SaaS-based application which is a tax management platform to be named WebTaxes. Currently, Iflexion both maintains and supports the two SaaS-based applications, which have proved to be profitable for our client and productive for their customers.

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