SharePoint Project Management System for Oil & Gas Enterprise

  • Unified project management solution for distributed teams
  • Automated workflows to process project-related documents
  • Separate sites for each project enabling quick access to comprehensive project profiles
Content & Document Management
Business Process Automation
Oil & Gas

Iflexion developed a SharePoint-based solution to facilitate management of simultaneously running projects, enable automated processing of project documents, and ensure effective collaboration of project teams.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft.NET
  • jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS


Our client is an oil and gas enterprise operating as a joint venture. The company’s key activities include developing oil and gas infrastructure, building oil well clusters, extracting and transporting oil and associated petroleum gas.


The company was running over 50 large projects simultaneously on a regular basis. These projects involved numerous participants from different teams who were creating and managing a great number of project-related documents and reports at each stage of the project. Generally, employees were using Microsoft Excel to manage projects, which was both time-consuming and risky: files were bulky, searching for the right document was difficult, and it was impossible to get consistent project statistics.

To solve these problems, the Customer was looking for a reliable partner with a broad experience in enterprise portal development and collaboration solutions. The Customer chose Iflexion among other companies to develop a project management system that would automate manual project work, standardize document processing and provide comprehensive project reporting.


Previously, Iflexion had helped the Customer implement a SharePoint-based document management system, that’s why the team offered to develop a new project management system on SharePoint too. Our consultants explained to the Customer all advantages of using SharePoint for project management by leveraging both out-of-the-box and custom features.

Iflexion's SharePoint specialists designed the project management system that ensures full control over ongoing projects by allowing the company to:

  • Formalize and centralize communication of project participants.
  • Process large amounts of project documents quicker.
  • Monitor project statuses continuously and control each project stage.
  • Have a 360-degree vision of projects, assess and compare project results within different timeframes.

How it works

Once a user needs to start a new project in the system, he or she can create a new SharePoint project site. Each project site represents a customized template that contains the following information:

  • Project details: name of a project, project goal(s), project description, project statuses and timeframes, related tasks, customer satisfaction with the project and more.
  • Project risks and issues: users can add potential risks or real issues they face during a particular project.
  • Project documents: each project site contains a separate document library to store project-related documents and collaborate on them.
  • Project reports: the system enables users to create reports to analyze projects from different perspectives (by periods, domains, and particular specialists) and evaluate results of different teams.

The solution also allows managing project resources and contains a tab that lists project participants sorted by groups and their respective levels of authority. A project manager can choose employees from the resource list and assign them to a project depending on their competency level.

The system supports document workflow management and displays the history of each document approval process. This helps project managers to track project flows, trace bottlenecks and push document processing if necessary. System administrators can edit the enabled workflows, configure their parameters and assign workflow participants. They can also check whether the process has any errors and correct them when needed.


The SharePoint project management system allowed the Customer to optimize project management and to facilitate daily work of all the involved parties.

  • Team members using SharePoint for project management can follow each project stage regardless of their location, mark out project details and challenges, launch document workflows and collaborate on documents right in the system.
  • Project managers can monitor all the ongoing projects, check their statuses, get reports to assess projects from different angles, as well as identify project-related challenges and address them upfront.
  • Project owners can access the system to check project states, assess the effectiveness of particular teams and specialists and assist project managers in solving project issues.

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