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An established US-based restaurant chain hires Iflexion to revamp its website adding a universal takeout system integrated with an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system to provide better customer service. 



Our Customer, who operates a chain of 50+ restaurants in the USA, came to a conclusion their business needed revamping as it lacked a very popular service — quick and easy-to-use takeout system. In order to create the technical base for the new service, the Customer hired Iflexion team as we demonstrated the required industry knowledge and ordering system design expertise.


The universal takeout system was designed to automate the services of restaurants of all sizes (from large restaurant chains to SMBs), give it the opportunity to collect orders online, decrease marketing expenses, thus cutting costs and increasing profitability. The solution collects and processes statistics about online orders and generates reports to the Customer. Iflexion carried out a complete ordering system design and website integration featuring a content management system (CMS), e-shop facilities (reused from the legacy website), and an online takeout solution. The takeout system is a unique solution based on Web services: the data from the web form goes straight to the printer in the kitchen of a corresponding restaurant after the online payment is completed. After that clients go to the nearest restaurant and pick up their orders.

Business Benefits

The website’s launch increased ROI and greatly improves some critical areas of operational performance:

  • Better staff performance. With full automation of the ordering and payment processes delivered by the system, the number of employees needed for takeout orders is significantly reduced. Thus the staff can focus on dine-in guests.
  • Minimized risk of mistakes. The application sends takeout orders directly from the customer’s computer to POS software, which guarantees order intake accuracy and eliminates human factor at all stages of the processes.
  • Quicker delivery. The system considerably reduces the time spent on order processing. The customer does not have to wait on hold before placing a phone order, queuing to pay the bill or even go inside the restaurant if they are purchasing a curbside takeout. It plays an important role in improving the restaurant’s image, engaging loyal clients and attracting new ones.
  • Increased customer flow. The popularity of online takeout in the restaurant business is soaring up, as it saves valuable time. Offering online takeout services brings new customers to the restaurant and puts it a step ahead of the competition. Additionally, with automated services, they cater to more customers simultaneously than before.

System Highlights

The new ordering system design provide better user experience for customers:

  • Easy restaurant location search and selection
  • Choice of preferred order pick-up times for clients’ future orders
  • Order history for customers to select from any past orders saved in the system
  • Simple and quick online payment
  • Integration with Google™ maps for driving directions to be printed or emailed with an order receipt

The system also creates added value for restaurant administrators:

  • Menu item selection tailored to different restaurant locations
  • Effortless administration of locations, hours of operation, menus, nutrition info, etc.
  • Management of promotion materials, items recommended for sale, and specials with a few clicks
  • Online reporting and ROI calculation

Reduction of manual labor due to integration of automated credit card payments with an EPOS system

Development Process

The Customer approached Iflexion with a vision of their next generation website as a combination of innovative web service technologies and a forward-thinking approach to software creation. This means easier maintenance, integration, and management. After a series of meetings we established strict timelines for analytical and development stages to launch the website by the company’s anniversary date. The project underwent the following phases: business analysis, design, development, and quality assurance. Each subsequent milestone was accompanied by a demo and client’s refinements.


The solution is a web-based .NET application, which supports a flexible access control mechanism (control of particular objects, e. g. menu items, pages, products etc). It is integrated with Payflow, Google Maps APIs, HSI POS API, Coalience API, Monster Jobs web forms and performs an automatic update of menu items by utilizing WSDL interfaces and SOAP. The application runs under Windows Server with Internet Information Services and Microsoft SQL Server as the solution’s database. The development process was Rational Unified Process utilizing the relevant development and testing tools.


The revamped solution is represented by a flexible, portable, and scalable application that met all current needs of Customer’s business and corresponds to target dates and budget requirements. The system’s implementation resulted in a 40% increase of an average payment amount per customer. It was possible due to the built-in functionality, such as suggestive selling, daily specials, promotions, and order history.

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