Outsourced IT Support to Rescue Web Design Projects

  • Renovation of the Customer’s products using up-to-date technologies
  • Long-term engagement: IT support and maintenance
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A full service web provider turned to Iflexion to delegate IT support and modernization functions and concentrate on core business activities



Since its inception in 2000, our current Customer, a full service web design and development studio, has created more than 500 websites.As the President of Mercury Web Solutions, Adrienne Buskard, stepped into her leadership role in the company, it turned out that there were numerous clients who had websites in dire need of refining and upgrading. In order to focus on core business activities and retain current customers, Mercury Web Solutions decided to go for long-term outsourced IT support by Iflexion.


Iflexion’s dedicated team of 3 engineers took the project and has since provided the Customer with the maintenance and support services whenever the help is needed. We have already provided Mercury’s clients with the following solutions:

  • Renovation of the payment terminal
  • Renewal of the CMS with rights division
  • Update of the customer’s mail server by rewriting the contact form that stopped functioning properly
  • Technical search engine optimization to improve website indexing
  • Automated 24/7 server performance monitoring utilizing Pingdom monitoring tool to enhance the performance
  • 15 modernized websites

The challenge of the project mainly consisted in working with outdated technologies. For instance, there were no Cold Fusion specialists at Iflexion, and our engineers had to study the technology to cope with the task.

At the beginning of the cooperation, in 2005, the Support team was spending approximately 60 – 80 hours per month on the submitted issues; as of today, the number of requests has been gradually diminishing.

Iflexion’s team is fully dedicated to the project, however as the issues appear, its size can be adapted in accordance with the demand to fulfill the job in due course. Initially the team comprised the project manager, the technical lead and the developer; currently there are 4 developers working on the project simultaneously or separately according to the Customer’s needs.

As far as the communication process is concerned, it is agreed that the Customer sends a request directly to the outsourced IT support team whenever their clients face an issue. Then the support engineers estimate it and start processing the issue.


In general, the technology stack of the project includes such technologies and frameworks as .Net, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion, JavaScript Ajax, MS SQL server, PHP.


Since 2009 till now, Iflexion’s outsourced IT support team has been constantly proving to be a highly professional, dedicated long-term partner for Mercury Web Solutions. Outsourcing IT support to Iflexion allows Mercury focus on their core business activities and make clients happy with the quality of products.

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