Enterprise Document Management System for an Oil & Gas Enterprise

  • Automated project documentation workflow process
  • A unified solution for distributed team members
  • Separate websites for each project ensuring an on hand access to project information
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Oil & Gas

Iflexion developed a document control and management system for automated documentation processing during simultaneously running projects.



In this case, our client was an enterprise in the oil and gas industry operating as a joint venture. The company was managing 30-50 projects simultaneously, including developing infrastructure, building clusters of wells, and assurance of operational asset integrity, as well as other activities.


Running several projects simultaneously for an oil and gas company involves many different participants within the project with complex documentation being created to report on the distributed functions occurring during each stage of the project. The client was using Excel to manage all these projects, which was both time-consuming and risky: files were bulky, searching for the right document was difficult and statistics were lacking.

That is why, based on their previous successful experience with Itransition, the client chose us to develop their enterprise document management system to automate the manual project work as well as standardizing the document workflow process.


Iflexion's team designed and developed a project management system that ensures control over the creation and approval of complex deliverables backed by technical documentation over a range of disciplines.

With the implemented solution it is possible to:

  • Formalize paths of communication between project participants, and
  • Easily process the project documentation to
  • Assure the controlling and monitoring of milestones and the status of each project by
  • Automating manual functions

How it works

For each new project, a dedicated website is created automatically in the enterprise document management system. Each project website has a similar structure, containing the following information:

  • Project details: name, goal, key information, team, document and tasks
  • Project control data and the assurance plans (PCAP)
  • Project documents
  • All issues relating to the project
  • Project risks

Each of the websites has a set of matrix tabs that contain project documentation information. The matrix contains project stages and deliverables, responsible person, roles, discipline, and documents saved in the project library.

The solution contains a discrete tab incorporating document management process participants sorted into groups and their respective levels of authority. A project manager can choose a resource from the resource list and assign them a document to process based on their level of competency.

Workflow history for each individual document approval process helps to track and manage tasks and comments, as well as trace any bottlenecks and switch the workflow on again if necessary.

System workflow management

The basic workflow editing process enables the configuration of a checklist of per-stage deliverables as well as a responsibility list. There is a functionality available to check whether the process has any errors as well as the ability to correct them.


Developed by Iflexion, this enterprise document management system provides control over the creation, coordination and approval of complex technical documentation for the duration of the project lifecycle.

Implementation of the project management solution helped our client to automate manual daily processes, minimize the frequency of errors occurring in the documents, and reduced project time and costs.

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