Personal Movie Collection Organizer

  • iOS application with web service in backend
  • Barcode scanner and metadata association
  • Social sharing and whishlist
  • Data back up in background
  • Quick collection update feature
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Every year film industry produces dozens of first-rate movies and it is getting virtually impossible to keep in mind all the items you have in your home movie library. Iflexion delivered a custom media library mobile app doing this job for users.



FilmFolk, a UK based IT provider, turned to Iflexion to create a solution for organizing personal movie collections.

The future application would support the option of exchanging discs between its users. This social function becomes possible with the implementation of 2 functional features:

  • Providing DVD and Blu-ray discs details in users’ collections
  • Option of Wishlist sharing on Facebook or Twitter


FilmFolk is movie library management software designed to simplify the process of organizing, tracking, and sharing personal movie collection. To make it work, Iflexion’s database application development team delivered the project comprising two integrated parts:

The developed solution features the following functionality:

  • Movies catalogue
  • Movie ratings
  • Collection back up on a server
  • Barcode scanner
  • DVD and Blu-ray wishlist
  • Social sharing via Facebook and Twitter

Movies organizing and back up feature

Users can easily organize their TV shows on DVD/Blu-ray locally by genre, favorite directors, and artists. At the same time, data is being synchronized with the remote application server for back up purposes. Thus, when you switch to another iPhone device the full collection of your personal library is to be backed up and restored from the server.

Barcode scanner and remote database pulling

A highly intelligent approach to scanning DVD barcodes was implemented: users can get details of each movie with just a button click. The information is provided through polling appropriate data from remote servers.

Facebook and Twitter API integration

With the integrated social networks APIs users share wishlists and information about their favorite films via Facebook and Twitter. Posts can be added automatically every time users want to share a good DVD or to be notified about a movie or TV show they plan to watch. In this way, users can always keep track of movies and TV shows on DVD/Blu-ray. 

Movie ratings

Each movie or TV show can be rated according to personal impressions. Based on the rating mechanism, records collection can be sorted by the custom criteria. It enables users to identify, find and track favorite DVDs in their collection. 


Movies you wish to watch can be placed on the appropriate shelf to be notified when they are released. So, users don’t need to track the release data anymore, as the application will let them know about the corresponding event when it happens.

Technology Highlights

  • Cocoa Touch framework was applied to design a user interface corresponding with Apple iOS standards.
  • The emphasis was put on rapid and stable application performance and server interactions using JSON protocol
  • To collect movies data by barcodes scanning RedLaser API was chosen as the most up-to-date comprehensive solution — it easily scans all types of barcodes and loads the information into the local storage and remote database.
  • Facebook and Twitter APIs integration enables easy information sharing


Iflexion’s database application development professionals created a cutting edge product to help thousands of users organize personal movies and TV shows collection with a mobile device. There is no more need to keep in mind everything you watch or have in your personal video collection at home because the information is saved in FilmFolk application and will never get lost or stolen. The delivered solution is aimed to allow users to reach DVD/Blu-ray personal collection anytime and anywhere.

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