Outsourced IT Support Services for a U.S. Web Design and Development Agency

  • Renovation of the Customer’s solutions to solve functional and performance issues.
  • Long-term IT support, maintenance, and enhancement of custom websites.
  • Team augmentation in line with the Customer’s needs.
Web & Enterprise Portals

A full service web provider turned to Iflexion to delegate IT support and modernization functions and concentrate on core business activities

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Visual Basic
  • Ajax
  • PHP
  • Microsoft SQL Server


Since its foundation in 2000, our Customer, a full-service web design and development studio, has created more than 500 websites. As the new president stepped into her leadership role, the company went for a comprehensive analysis of their up and running solutions. The analysis revealed that several clients weren’t satisfied with their websites, which required in-depth redesign, upgrade, and fine-tuning of the sites.

The Customer decided to go for long-term outsourced IT support services and turned to Iflexion. By getting outsourced website support services, the Customer aimed at focusing on their core activities and expanding their client base, along with taking care of their current clients.


Iflexion delegated a team of 3 software engineers to solve the most urgent technical issues first. Acting in line with the Customer’s requirements, Iflexion’s specialists provided a whole range of development services that included the following activities:

  • Renovating payment mechanisms of particular websites in order to enable users fulfill secure payments via different payment service providers.
  • Enriching the existing CMS with rights management features to insure role-based access to the CMS features.
  • Updating the contact form that stopped functioning properly and fixing technical issues on the mail server side.
  • Optimizing the websites’ search to improve content indexing and facilitate content discovery for external users.
  • Enhancing the web server performance through a continuous server monitoring with the Pingdom tool.
  • Performing functional and security upgrade of 15 websites.
  • Redesigning several websites in line with end customers’ branding guidelines, as well as bringing responsive design to make websites mobile-friendly.

The performed activities allowed Iflexion’s professionals to restore the correct functioning of end customers’ websites and align them with the actual security and performance standards. To further improve websites’ capabilities, Iflexion went on with personalized work with each particular client. The team collected end users’ feedback about their current solutions and features they lack. Such an individual approach allowed Iflexion to fine-tune existing websites to the needs of end users.

Several websites also required substantial UI and UX improvements. To address this challenge, Iflexion’s web designers joined the project. The team created a completely new responsive design for several websites, which allowed end customers to use their websites on the desktop and on mobile devices equally well. At the same time, several websites required navigation enhancements and redesign of particular blocks.

At the beginning of the project, Iflexion’s development team was spending approximately 60–80 hours per month to resolve critical technical issues. With the project advance, the number of hours was augmented and redistributed among end customers to cover their individual requests.

During the project, Iflexion adapted the team size to the number of end customers’ demands to accomplish various website design and development tasks successfully. Thus, most of the time, the team consisted of a project manager, a technical lead, and a software developer. At some project stages, Iflexion augmented the team with up to 4 developers to work simultaneously or separately depending on the task complexity.

In general, at different project stages, Iflexion’s developers dealt with a wide technology stack that included .NET, PHP, Visual Basic, Adobe ColdFusion, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more.


Since 2009, Iflexion has been providing comprehensive outsourced IT support services to the Customer. The project team has been constantly adapting to the Customer’s requirements. The partnership with Iflexion enabled the web design and development agency to stay focused on their business growth targets while supporting their long-term clients. Apart from that, the ongoing cooperation enabled the company to:

  • Eliminate a range of functional and security issues within their core solutions by making them compliant with the actual technology requirements.
  • Enrich the existing custom CMS with new features and make it more attractive for active and potential clients.
  • Reduce end customers’ effort spent on managing and supporting their websites.
  • Provide end customers with the possibility to build up deeply personalized websites through cooperation with Iflexion’s development team.
Outsourced IT Support Services

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