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A Lithuanian startup company hires Iflexion to develop an innovative payment gateway system for online sellers as well as offline vendors to offer their products to the clients. 



Click2Sell, our Customer, after a thorough research of web application development service providers, contacted Iflexion with a request to bring their idea to life — creating a web services platform for various vendors to sell their goods online. One of the project’s main goals was to develop a payment gateway system for credit card processing, Paypal, Stormpay, Google Checkout and other payment options. Another major part of the project was to create a robust user system for selling partners to promote their products and make profit. The system would also have advanced statistics and report building features.


The solution is a web-based J2EE application employing MySQL database server (however it is possible for it to work with other relational databases). Payment system development was carried out under Linux family server with Apache Tomcat. The application consists of the following parts:

  • Marketplace: contains a product catalog that clients can choose from (goods, services, software, etc.)
  • Customer Support: provides necessary data for the users to get acquainted with the application features, get answers to FAQs, use the forum and “contact us” form. The users who are registered in the system have an opportunity to get the help desk support or report system errors
  • Administration: includes the features of managing user settings, product categories, reports, held desk and application settings
  • Merchant: offers the sellers an opportunity to manage products, affiliates, payments, and reports
  • Affiliate: contains the options of partner work management, such campaigns and reports on them
  • Payment System: is represented by a payment engine that allows working with accounts to process payments. Supports WorldPay, Paypal, Google Checkout, and Stormpay.
  • Site Promotion: provides an opportunity for registered users to promote the system by inviting new members to register and get commission fees if they log in and begin selling goods
  • Product Promotion: enables users to promote products by implementing uniquely generated links and selling tools (banners, email letters, etc.). 

Development Process

Iflexion team had to create a unique competitive system to work with various payment methods and be user-friendly. The system had to be clear and easy to use for sellers as well as buyers while enabling many various features. To achieve the goals set by the Customer, our team performed a research of similar systems and analyzed the results.

Then, taking into account our payment system development experience and the Client’s requirements, we developed a project plan to work in accordance with it bringing the results in the most effective way.


As a result of the cooperation the Customer got a fully functioning web solution for different selling agents and consumers. The resulting system has a simple user interface bringing consistent and clear user experience as well as letting the vendors promote their products.


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