News Portal Development for RIA Novosti

  • Unified robust news portal with enhanced editorial tools for managing frequently updated dynamic web content
  • Consistent user experience powered by portal’s high performance
  • Powerful content localization capabilities for fast and convenient media data extraction for publishing on the portal 
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The world’s well-known news agency RIA Novosti contacted Iflexion with a request to completely refactor the web portal delivering up-to-date information and analytics about politics, economics and culture to a worldwide audience. 



RIA Novosti is one of the world’s well-known news agencies and its web portal is accessible for the audience across different countries standing about 150.000 hits per hour at load peaks.

The portal covers a variety of topics such as politics, economy, international news, culture, experts opinions, etc., that are backed by images, audio and video files.


In the course of news portal development, Iflexion’s team completely overhauled the web portal with rich back-end functionality for editors and content-centric frontend. The solution boasts the following features:

  • Highly scalable architecture. Iflexion designed a highly scalable multi-tier architecture with Oracle database cluster supplying data for multiple application and front-end servers with effective load balancing applied. Sphinx search server is utilized
  • Tailored web CMS. Iflexion provided a tailored web CMS that includes enhanced editorial tools and comprehensive content management functionality. The solution is integrated with the Customer’s media repository.
  • Rich media libraries. Media content storage was added to the portal to provide the audience with access to the audio and visual materials, including pictures, video clips, interviews, audio tracks, etc.
  • New user subscription module. Each user can become a registered member of the RIA Novosti community and select a suitable subscription plan.

Development Process

Iflexion solid expertise in news portal development empowered by strong software architecting skills and technology expertise convinced the Customer to entrust this project to our team selecting our company among a number of competitors. The development process was set according to the Customer’s needs and the team provided the necessary results on time sticking to the project plan.


Our technical skills in news portal development and the media industry knowledge helped us to complete all the tasks and reach all project’s goals within pre-negotiated time frames and project expenses did not exceed approved project budget.

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