Intranet Portal for a Global Telecom Services Provider

  • The company’s custom workflows supports
  • Comprehensive document base orchestration
  • Rich company information visualization
  • Single sign-on access
Web & Enterprise Portals
Content & Document Management

Iflexion helps Genesys Conferencing to stay on the edge by supplementing their intranet portal with advanced document management and data visualization features. 

  • MS SQL


Genesys Conferencing is a leading provider of audio, video and web conferencing services across the globe, serving such companies as IBM, McDonalds, Siemens, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

The Customer had a web-based solution for internal use organizing the employee’s work and affecting virtually every business activity of the company. With the company’s growth, it stopped responding to new business demands, so Genesys approached Iflexion for development of additional functional modules for the system.


The developed product has a number of features. A subset of functionality that was supported and developed so far is:

  • Process management tools
  • Document library
  • Graphical report builder module.

Development Process

The existing Intranet Portal solution is vital for the company’s successful operations. Thus, efficient product support and its further evolution were critical: it had to be adapted quickly and regularly to new business needs and requirements.

Genesys worked on the project with another software company, but was not fully satisfied with the results. Iflexion was contracted to take over the project from the previous provider and to start further portal development and maintenance activities. Genesys insisted that there had to be no communication between Iflexion and their current software vendor. Due to this reason, the project team lacked information about the product, yet it was able to perform well.

The first phase of the project was system revision with two technical experts working on the project. They performed initial reverse engineering of the product to understand its internals. At this stage, the team communicated closely with the requirements manager of Genesys.

During the second phase, the team provided support of the existing product, fixing the problems identified by the Customer, and developing new components.

The first new modules were delivered only one month after the project start date. All project communication was performed via MSN and e-mails, as the Customer preferred.

Intranet Collaboration Portal


Iflexion delivered a high level professional service to Genesys, assuring that the quality level matched the client’s business needs. The Customer appreciated our ability to work on short notice, to adjust the project management approach, to allocate new experienced human resources on time, and to provide continuous and stable product support. Genesys has started several new projects with Iflexion.

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