Integrated Custom Dashboard to Email Marketing and Social CRM Services

  • Custom dashboard for a third-party mailing platform for high-volume email campaigns management
  • Reporting module with HighCharts based customizable diagrams
  • Integration with Facebook Insights, Klout Scores and Google Analytics
Business Intelligence
Business Process Automation

Iflexion helps Hormel Foods to skyrocket sales, delivering an advanced custom tool for proactive management and effectiveness measurement of email marketing campaigns.



Our Customer is an integrated digital marketing communications firm offering above par marketing solutions and recurrently taking advantage of Iflexion’s expertise for their technical implementation. Focusing on all-round support of a coherent customer relationships strategy, the company delivers end-to-end custom-tailored tools and solutions.

This time our Customer pursued to provide one of its multinational clients – Hormel Foods product manufacturer – with a tool enabling Hormel employees to proactively manage B2C email campaigns and gauge their effectiveness. The Customer required a certain amount of help from a web app development company, and they turned to Iflexion.


Iflexion’s mission lied with introducing custom business intelligence for marketing to a third-party Listrak mailing platform – a separate dashboard for Hormel Foods employees that would interact with Listrak services via API. The solution was to be supplemented with a statistical reporting module missing in Listrak.

Proactive Management of High-Volume Mailing Campaigns

The delivered solution provides the following functionality: management of mailing campaigns:

  • user/role management
  • generation of statistical reports and customizable charts
  • import/export of subscriber bases
  • management of email subscriber bases: multi-criteria filtering, etc.

The system supports storage of large data volumes in subscriber databases (up to 1 mln email subscribers) and database synchronization with Listrak servers.

Integration with Analytics Tools

For all-round subscriber management and campaigns ROI tracking the solution is integrated with a number of analytics tools and services:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Klout Scores
  • Google Analytics

Statistics Visualization

For visualization of statistics on email campaigns, Iflexion’s specialists suggested using pure JavaScript HighCharts charting library. This provided end clients with a dynamic reporting tool with a dozen chart types at their disposal and no need to install plug-ins on their browsers. All visual reports can be exported to PDF.


Our Customer is more than satisfied with how business intelligence for marketing introduced by Iflexion enables its multinational client to boost sales and increase brand awareness by reaching out to accurately targeted audiences through direct email campaigns.

The delivered solution provides Hormel employees responsible for handling email campaigns and measuring their effectiveness – all in all totaling to about 100 users – with a tool for proactive management of subscriber databases and generation of dynamic statistical reports.

Integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Klout Scores allows gaining insights into subscribers’ behavior and adjusting mailing campaigns accordingly.

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