Innovative Logistics App Development for Web & Mobile

  • Tracking down up-to-date vehicle position
  • Diverse data visualization capabilities
  • Rich customization options 
Business Process Automation

One of the world's most popular transport monitoring devices manufacturer turns to Iflexion to take the company services to the next level by adding a rich web vehicle monitoring service complemented by a mobile application.



Our Customer, Seven Telematics, is a UK-based producer of Transcan Temperature Recorders ― one of the world's most popular vehicle monitoring devices. 

To ensure their success on the market, the company decided to hire a web development partner to create a web service and add a relevant mobile application to their solution stack. A new comprehensive solution helps the Customer be on top of the market as well as adds to road safety by eliminating phone and email alerts that distract the driver.


Iflexion team provided the Customer with a full-cycle logistics app development, delivering a web service for transport monitoring and data analysis and then an iOS and Android mobile application.

The web service is integrated with the Customer’s processing software systems. As a result, the users get real-time information presented in a convenient way. The solution is safe and secure and any unauthorized access is denied. The Seven Telematics website user area offers users an opportunity to track the transport data. The solution visualizes the information gathered by the back end software from navigation devices and sensors. The users can monitor only those vehicles that are connected with their accounts in the Customer’s CRM system. Every Seven Telematics client has a super-user login; this way they can choose specific data that can be accessible.

Our team also developed the mobile applications for iOS and Android to access vehicle tracking data on the go. The applications are integrated with the web service via API. They are free for download from App Store and Google Play, where they are rated 5 out of 5 stars by most of the users.

Google Maps API integration provides for worldwide visual transport tracking. The solution users enjoy a full-featured functionality of geographical mapping, including geofence zone tools.

The solution boasts a custom visualization module that allows tracking vehicle temperature and fuel rate during different driving regimes via charts and diagrams. The solution has a customizable reports module that provides the users with an opportunity to generate reports sortable on any column. The reports can be printed and exported to Excel and PDF. 


As a result of this logistics app development project and long-term partnership with Iflexion, the Customer got fully functioning software that helps staying ahead of competition. The solution users can access the necessary data from a PC or mobile devices fast and easy. An innovative web service for logistics and transportation management developed by Iflexion ensures monitoring vehicles in real time. Mobile applications for iOS and Android add to the convenience of the service.


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