Handy Tool for Incentive Program Management for a Global Ophthalmic Corporation

  • One-step building for incentive programs for eye care professionals (ECP’s)
  • Generating ECPs’ sales reports giving quick insight into the current programs effectiveness
  • Automated calculation, updating and presentation of the ECPs’ earned points
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A new module developed by Iflexion allows end users create and manage promotion programs even without specific development knowledge.



Our Customer, a French company specializing in software product development, was engaged into a large-scale project of an international corporation - one of the world’s leading ophthalmic optics companies manufacturing lenses and equipment for correcting and protecting human eyesight.

The project was supposed to be development of a promotion solution to support eye care professionals with handy marketing, information management and reporting tools.

Our Customer was tasked with the implementation of a new module to make the process of promotions building and managing easier and less time consuming. The Customer had already been relying on Iflexion's web app development  experience for several years, so they entrusted this task to us.


The module delivered by Iflexion’s Django developers enables solution administrators to launch and manage incentive programs for eye care professionals in a couple of minutes. An easy-to-use admin panel provides for a number of functional features.

Creating and Running Promotion Programs

To create a campaign an administrator just has to fill in a simple form, mentioning the core information (promo name and type, enrollment start /end dates), choosing the type of notification (a banner/popup) and attaching necessary files (Terms and Conditions document, an image to be used as a banner). 

Managing Incentive Programs

The module stores information of the programs participants, including name, location, enrollment date and status. Iflexion also implemented list components filtering by ECPs’ location and full text search engine.

Generating Reports

The module provides information on the ESPs’ sales taken from the solution database in the table form. Downloading table reports as CSV files, the company’s PR managers are enabled to estimate launched programs success of and take appropriate measures (expand or finish incentives).

Automated Calculating of ECPs’ Earned Points

Based on the sales data, the system calculates bonus points that are rewarded to ESPs for weighty contribution into the global distributing of the corporation’s products. The beneficial points are later placed on an appealing picture (uploaded for every program by admins) and screened on the ECPs’ dashboards. With the growth of sales and earned points the numbers are automatically updated.

Development Process

Iflexion was responsible for the full-cycle module development. As the Customer had been collaborating with Iflexion for a long time and was aware of the cooperation models offered, it didn’t take a lot to establish the fixed price model as the most suitable.

At the start of the project we received the requirements which were rather sketchy and inconsistent and needed thorough examination. Iflexion assigned a qualified business analyst who performed their in-depth elicitation and clarification. As there was no documentation on the provided API, we had to investigate its abilities, puzzle out the solution’s business logic and algorithms by ourselves, sharing this knowledge with the Customer. Despite it was a time consuming task, we delivered well-structured and precise technical and functional specifications. Additionally, the API imposed certain restrictions on the functionality implementation. To tackle the problem, our Django developers proposed non-standard workaround ways of certain features development using the resources available.

During the development process we kept the Customer aware of the latest events and changes via Skype / GoToMeeting calls and email correspondence.


Iflexion team developed the module using Django Framework – the technology underlying the existing app. For better module organization we employed 3-component MVC pattern.

The module comprises 4 tiers:

To support the new module, the Django developers built a mid-tier database that currently stores several thousand of records. The system processes these data along with the 10 000 entries that are got through the API.


Iflexion implemented a new module of the existing app for facilitated promotion programs creation and management. Since the module deployment incentive program building has become available for end users without specific development knowledge providing significant cost savings to the end users. The Customer was once again satisfied with the results of collaboration and is currently considering the engagement of Iflexion into a set of upcoming projects.

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