Fundamental Revamp of a Custom Web Solution for Compliance Management

  • Migration of the out-of-date system to the powerful ASP.NET technology
  • UI redesign in tune with the best UX practices
  • Implementation of BI-enabled features for the regulatory base management workflows
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Business Intelligence
Oil & Gas

Thanks to Iflexion, the out-of-date, hard-to-use and low-performance ehsSUITE compliance management system got transformed into the efficient feature-rich and state-of-the-art web platform.



Energy Facility Services offers a wide range of services designed to help companies achieve their environmental, health, safety, and security objectives. To provide effective information management, the customer created a number of compliance management solutions for different industries, including ehsSUITE.

The ehsSUITE Web solution provides advanced tools, which help organizations maintain current regulatory databases and meet their compliance objectives. It offers reactive, prospective, and real-time compliance management, and alerts organizations about non-compliance issues. At one point the Customer realized that ehsSUITE became quite difficult to navigate and support, so the customer decided to redevelop it to make it more scalable and client-centric.


After thorough investigation of the source code, Iflexion suggested porting the system to more efficient technologies. 

This custom web solution was originally developed with classic ASP together with COM+ server applications. We reconstructed the application using ASP.NET, incorporating new features such as a customizable navigation system, updated data organization structure, user permissions functionality, and security enhancements. The application’s GUI was redesigned to make the system intuitive and user-friendly.

We also implemented a number of new tools, such as online spreadsheets and configurable forms that allow deep customization of the data entry process.

System Highlights

As a result of collaboration with Iflexion, the company obtained powerful, revamped custom web solution with improved functionality founded on the premium-quality code:

  • Powerful and simple data visualization with easy customizable user interface and navigation
  • Ultimate compliance planner provides collaborative calendaring and scheduling tools, synchronizing the agendas of the entire organization
  • Easily-maintained regulatory database can be maintained by the user or may employ the BNA XML feed to keep all regulations current
  • Statistical analysis tool allows data analysis in many statistical formats
  • Digital displays and dashboards is a powerful data visualization and communication feature
  • PPE and MSDS management allows users to correspond to the legacy procedures in place and have convenient access to important documents
  • Alerts and notifications allow to manage events, tasks, and deadlines
  • Reporting – users can generate any rich text report required by regulatory or company requirements
  • Document management and data recovery make the work with the system convenient and secure
  • Built-in language translation – supports English, German, Spanish, and Dutch


The ehsSUITE is built on the multi-layer application concept with the use of the ASP.NET technology, which ensures good scalability of the solution. The user interface is implemented with the AJAX ASP.NET framework and Telerik R.A.D. Controls Suite to avoid page reloads.


After the core features were improved and a lot of new ones added, the usability of the custom web solution greatly improved. The new solution has better response time and easier navigation, and features a dynamic and interactive interface. It provides several new options, such as drag and drop function, auto completion, and intelligent user preferences. The application’s modern-looking graphic design was developed in compliance with the best usability practices, which resulted in a more responsive and interactive solution.

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