TradeStops: A Dynamic Stock Monitoring App

  • iOS mobile client to stock monitoring web service
  • Configurable stop triggers, notifications and alerts 
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In order to expand the Customer’s flagship web service, Iflexion implemented a fully featured iOS application, inheriting the web system’s functionality and sharing the same database.



For more than 6 years, Iflexion has been a reliable technology partner to RightWayTrader – a well-known and most trusted USA-based provider of comprehensive investing and trading tools for individual investors. Our team was engaged in a series of development, testing and support activities around the company’s flagship product for stock behavior tracking – TradeStops.

At present, the solution is extremely popular with ambitious investors, providing them with ability to keep up with the recent stock market changes. To extend the reach of the service, our Customer decided to develop a stock monitoring app as a smart mobile client to the web service to provide subscribers with anytime, anywhere access. For this purpose they asked Iflexion to build a brand new iOS application aimed to help investors stay connected to the service and receive alerts on the go.


TradeStops Mobile delivered by Iflexion offers rich user experience and simple, intuitively understandable UI, so that investors could proceed to using the application immediately.

The TradeStops account holders are welcome to use their existing credentials. New users can easily sign up via iPhone app.

Applying the acquired mobile development expertise, Iflexion implemented the following features:

  • Custom stop triggers configuration
  • Configuration of notifications and alerts
  • Rich stock dynamics visualization

This stock monitoring app includes portfolio charts with visual trailing stop indicators as well as additional alert types.


Iflexion team provided a comprehensive website companion application enabling access to the service functionality with a finger tap.

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