SharePoint Portal Development for a Leading Oil & Gas Enterprise

  • Quick and convenient access to 10 million technical documents
  • Advanced search and sorting options with interactve displaying features
Business Process Automation
Oil & Gas

An intuitive user interface of the portal solution allowed its users easily find necessary technical documents applying various criteria and filters.



A leading oil & gas company developing over 2000 square kilometers of license areas.


Oil & Gas industry implies working in accordance with strict documented rules and standards. Together with Iflexion, the Customer calculated that the company loses 900 000$ annually due to issues with technical documentation availability.

Hence, it was crucial for the Customer to provide its distributed teams with quick and convenient search and access to the up-do-date documentation available for reading and editing.

The Customer entrusted full-cycle portal development to Iflexion by reference on the previous positive experience.


Iflexion’s SharePoint portal development team analyzed the existing issues and created a SharePoint solution with an intuitive web interface. Using the portal, employees are able to create, edit, review and comment documents, keep track of expiry dates, search necessary materials applying various criteria and adjusting presentation settings.

The solution can store up to 10 million documents aggregated on separate websites and organized into libraries (operational registers, critical documents, etc.).

For immediate search we implemented full text and attributive search features, an option for searching specific libraries with filters. Users can also arrange and group displaying documents, sort them by originator, site, or according to personal view settings.

Iflexion team integrated the new portal with LiveLink utilized by the Customer to store documents. This enabled storing documents with LiveLink while keeping metadata by SharePoint.

Initially, the Customer intended to use the portal for critical documents only, but basing on the obtained results it was decided to widen the scope and store other types of documents on the portal as well.


As Iflexion successfully completed SharePoint portal development, a thousand of the Customer’s employees were provided with:

  • A quick and convenient access to the latest version of technical documentation and their metadata
  • An intuitive web interface to monitor documentation processing
  • An advanced document search engine with various criteria and filters options

The Customer was satisifed with the results of cooperation, and continued mutual work entrusting other projects to Iflexion team. 

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