123worx: All-in-one Custom Construction Software for SMEs

  • Rich set of construction management features to meet the needs of various project participants
  • Permanent control over all construction and renovation project stages
  • Improved decision-making backed up with up-to-date analytics and reporting
Business Process Automation

Iflexion developed a feature-rich, configurable solution to help construction businesses effectively manage various internal activities, including resource management, accounting, order management, sales, and marketing.



Working on a highly competitive market, construction companies use diverse industry-specific software solutions to cut their operation costs, improve their management approach, and increase revenue. ÜBERbase.com Inc., one of Canada’s largest software vendors, came up with an idea to create all-in-one custom construction software to help construction businesses manage their projects, equipment, workforce, and finances in a centralized manner. The solution called 123worx was also to help end customers reduce maintenance costs in the long term.

The Customer, who previously collaborated with Iflexion on the development of insolvency management software, entrusted Iflexion’s specialists to take up construction software development.


123worx is a comprehensive custom construction software used at construction and renovation companies across North America. As an industry-specific system for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), 123worx offers construction businesses a fully functional, configurable solution to help them manage a variety of internal processes, including resource management, accounting, order management, sales, marketing and more.

Functionality Overview

The application consists of three main components: a customer relationship management system (CRM), a project management system, and an accounting system. This functional combination offers end customers a simpler and a more effective way to manage every stage of their construction or renovation projects. 

The solution automates the following activities:

The application consists of three main components: a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), a Project Management System, and an Accounting system. This combination offers end clients a simpler and a more effective way to manage every stage of their construction or renovation projects, covering all facets needed to run a construction industry business. 

The solution automates the following activities:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Project management 
  • Commission management
  • Resource management
  • Order management
  • Accounting

123worx features are united into the following modules, accessible from the web portal:

Project Management Module

The module allows users to monitor upcoming projects in order to ensure the availability of required human and financial resources. It also enables companies to access relevant project information, thus, having a better control over projects. Additionally, the module simplifies collaboration between multiple entities involved in a single project. For example, it enables project participants such as constructors, designers, engineers, and architects to easily share project details, designs, and other information.

Financial Management Module

The module enables users to manage finances and includes Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivables (AR) functionality. The module combines both tools for effective cost management and an array of financial reporting options.


The solution provides users with at-a-glance widgets that display detailed project statistics and project-related information. They help managers to stay on track with project workflows and facilitate their decision-making.

Workflow Management Module

The module enables users to easily set up automated tasks and email notifications triggered by specific project-related events.

Contractor’s Customer Area

Using the area, customers of construction contractors can access the information relevant to their construction or renovation projects.

Calendar Module

The module displays project schedules and automatically updates calendar, as well as enables automatic reminders, thus ensuring that clients stay tuned into their construction projects. The module is integrated with Google Calendar, which provides users with the possibility to seamlessly synchronize information on deadlines and schedules across multiple devices.

Reporting and Analytics Modules

The modules provide users with an instant access to project-related graphs and reports. This functionality ensures that project managers get timely information about a particular project or its stage and make decisions relying on this information.

Technology Overview

To deliver the custom construction software, Iflexion’s .NET developers utilized .NET 4.5 as the main framework to build back-end clients. The user interface was created with Infragistics, a rich set of UI controls and components for .NET. To develop the application’s front end, Iflexion’s team used jQuery, a powerful JavaScript library that allows creating user-friendly GUIs.

Apart from the above-mentioned technologies, the developers used Aspose Words, Google Calendar API, Rebex IMAP and MS Enterprise Library to create the solution’s business logic. To deliver a comprehensive set of features for secure data management, the team leveraged NHibernate and Microsoft SQL Server as the basis for the database layer. 


By successfully completing construction software development, Iflexion’s team delivered a comprehensive web solution tailored to the needs of the Customer. After the platform’s release, several construction companies across North America successfully tested the solution and adopted it as their major construction management system. The solution minimizes manual data processing, it allows end customers to reduce costs and efforts put into project management and eliminates the need for utilizing multiple solutions.


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