Complete Revamp and Tuning of the Vacation Villas Rental System

  • Fundamental improvement of the Customer’s online booking application
  • UI redesign and UX enhancement
  • Affiliate channel program implementation
  • Functional optimization and scalability increase
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When the Customer’s online accommodation booking system ceased to bring the expected ROI, they approached Iflexion – a leading USA-based software development company.



The customer is one of the biggest holiday properties providers in Europe. It works directly with owners and suppliers of numerous resorts and offers a comprehensive range of vacation villas in European countries, Mediterranean islands and other areas.

Since the client is a purely online holiday provider, it was crucial for their business to have a secure and stable solution available 24/7. The application had also to be scalable, so that they could easily expand the list of accommodations offered. The Vacation Villas Rental System was originally built in PHP and later rebuilt in ASP.NET by a development team from India. However, the customer was not satisfied with the quality of the work and contacted Iflexion through one of our UK partners to provide booking system development services to give their flagship system a facelift.


Undertaking complete maintenance and support, Iflexion gave new life to the Customer’s solution.

Our team performed the UI redesign, enabling accurate and modern look and hustle-free user experience.

Our .Net developers implemented a set of various automated affiliate programs, significantly stabilized the main functionality to make sure all workflows look logical and consistent, and organized a single storage of online bookings and orders made by phone and in offices.

The major functional features we implemented are the following:

  1. Booking engine. An easy-to-use online wizard that provides a simple workflow for online property rental and payment by credit card.
  2. Affiliate Channel. We’ve developed an affiliate channel tool that allows to earn commission by reselling the customer’s services based on 3 scenarios:
    1. Banners and links program. They can either put a banner or a link on their website.
    2. White label program. The high level of affiliation that automatically generates custom-looking micro-site sources and allows making money by promoting the main system services.
    3. Raw data export. Once into the affiliate control panel, the affiliate is able to download raw data for integration into their own database.
  3. Built-in Availability Calendar. Users immediately see the status of the villa (Available”, “Booked”, “Unavailable”, as well as “Preferred start”). Owners can update their own calendars in real-time, ensuring they always have an accurate record of what is available and when.
  4. Search Facility. For users’ convenience, Iflexion improved the search engine, enabling looking for the accomodation by required criteria, location, special offers, popularity and villas’ names.

At present, the Vacation Villas Rental System is one of the biggest online systems that offers holiday accommodations throughout Europe. Users can choose from over 700 villas and search for particular villas, dates, locations, or hot offers.


This booking system development project was totally based on the sources supplied by the original developer, which were drastically enhanced and stabilized while implementing the affiliate channel and other features.


Iflexion’s booking system development team did a lot of redesign work, developed new functionality, and has been continuously supporting the system. Over 20,000 customers already enjoyed a villa holiday by using the website to the Customer’s immerse satisfaction.


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