All-round Website Support and Uplift for a Major Online Publication

  • Performance increase by 40% and technology advancement of the information delivery portal
  • Media streaming implementation
  • Comprehensive testing and quality assurance
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A series of performance and functionality enhancements implemented by Iflexion allowed our customer’s information delivery portal to significantly strengthen its position on the market. 



Read by millions of people worldwide, our customer’s publication portal handled large amounts of data, with the content updated hourly. At a certain point, the solution ceased to resist the load, which resulted in slow performance. Moreover, not geared for media content streaming, the portal didn’t answer the needs of the contemporary readership.

Lacking the relevant resources for the system optimization and support, the customer delegated website support and revamp to Iflexion – a reliable partner they had been working with in a variety of IT projects including portal development.


The solution is represented by a set of applications - web and mobile - enabling subscribers to keep up with the latest editorial content published by the company. Upon registration, end-users are provided with personal web accounts to access free or premium content in multiple formats, comment on articles and utilize as many other features as their subscription plan allows. The followers are also enabled to sign up for email alerts, in order to receive notifications each time new articles appear. 

Development Process

The solution had gained prestige and unmatched reputation as a steady and reliable source of high quality, up-to-date information in arts, sciences and information technology. Aiming at retaining the brilliant reputation of the portal, Iflexion implemented the following enhancements. 

Performance Acceleration 

Our team improved performance of the application by distributing and paralleling the database requests processing. As a result, content upload and download are processed separately without any slowdowns neither for publishers nor for readers, bringing significant increase of operation speed up to 40%. 

Authorization Enhancement 

The customer decided to extend the portal’s reach by introducing additional subscription plans. For this purpose, Iflexion updated the authorization module and redesigned the authentification form, making it clearer and more understandable for readers. 

Media Streaming Implementation

As long as the company faced the need of media publishing and online streaming, Iflexion’s team implemented audio and video upload channel, as well as integrated the application with an advanced media player. Thanks to the developed scalable repository, the solution can store and retrieve unlimited number of heavy media files.

Complete Testing and Bug Fixing 

Finally, as part of the website support phase, Iflexion’s team held all-round system assessment to get complete picture of security state of the system and fixed the existing vulnerabilities of the solution.


Engagement of Iflexion’s website support team resulted in significant performance upgrade, functionality extension and technological advancement of the solution. Having received high praise from the publishing company, the customer is delighted to have delegated continuous support of the solution to Iflexion. Currently the collaboration is still going on, and our specialists are working on the system’s further improvement.


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