Advanced Restaurant Loyalty App to Support Corporate Meal Allowance

  • A mobile information center for corporate nutrition cards holders
  • Instant access to the relevant card balance and restaurant map
  • Integration with Google Maps API

A leading global corporate electronic card operator approached Iflexion for the development of a mobile app providing cardholders with on-the-go access to the card information.



Our Customer is a leading operator of corporate electronic cards, supporting SMEs and large corporations in their employee meal allowance programs throughout Russia.

With the electronic cards provided by the Customer, employees can enjoy the meal in the restaurants of the partner network at reduced or no price at all.

In addition to the service, the Customer planned to launch an umbrella restaurant loyalty app providing cardholders with instant access to the card information and location-based restaurants’ search. Following the reference of one of our long-term partners, the company outsourced the app development to Iflexion – an outstanding software development company with solid mobile development experience.


Iflexion’s team developed an easy-to-use mobile application run on iOS and Android that serves a personal information area for the Customer’s corporate clients. Upon logging in, employees are enabled to gain the relevant card information, including:

  • The overall card balance and the accessible limit
  • The history of transactions
  • The nearest cafés of the partner network
  • Average restaurants’ bills

Thanks to integration with Google Maps, end users can look through the restaurants directly at the map and view the details by clicking on them.

For the sake of high interactivity, our team implemented a feedback form, for users to share their dining experience online.

Development Process

The Customer outsourced development and testing of the restaurant loyalty app while taking on the UI design. After thorough analysis of the provided documentation, our team discovered that some design patterns did not correspond to the business logic of the application. We made the necessary design changes, taking into consideration both the Customer’s mockups and usability requirements, and started development.

As long as the API was implemented by another vendor, Iflexion faced certain challenges during the development of the integrational part. Despite the communication with the vendor was impossible, our team investigated the API’s capabilities and performed integration with Google Maps API successfully.

During the project, the development team maintained continuous communication with the Customer via regular skype meetings and mail correspondence, keeping them aware of the development progress.

Quality Assurance

An independent QA team was engaged to ensure the restaurant loyalty app corresponded to the functional, performance, compatibility and security requirements. Qualified QA engineers performed a complete functionality test on the most popular mobile devices, including:

  • Positive and negative checks
  • Functions’ interaction testing
  • Localization testing
  • Usability testing
  • Operation in mobile environment: connectivity, breakups, 3rd party notifications and application lifecycle testing.

To ensure the application will be adopted by the Play Market an iTunes stores, we evaluated the app’s compliance to the Android User Interface Guidelines and iOS Human Interface Guidelines. We also performed compatibility test to check the operation correctness on less popular devices with other hardware properties.


In 3 months, Iflexion’s team delivered a mobile application that offers the ease and convenience of providing employees with meal allowance on a card platform. Currently offered at Play Market and iTunes, the solution is a personal information center, enabling employees covered by loyalty programs to track their cards’ balance and find the nearest and most suitable in terms of price place to have meal. The Customer was satisfied with Iflexion’s pro-active thinking, problem solving skills and excellent expertise in mobile development that gave birth to an excellent mobile application.


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