Advanced Custom CRM Development for International Glass Manufacturer

  • Efficient sales, orders, customer information management
  • Vast personalization features
  • Enhanced communication of the geographically dispersed staff
Web & Enterprise Portals
Business Process Automation

Applying the expertise of corporate systems development, Iflexion assisted the Customer in centralization of sales workflows across the partner network.



Leonardo is a world-known glass manufacturing company based in Germany, producing and distributing stylish glass goods. Leonardo had a vast network of representatives, partners and branches in many countries around the world and required a central point of management of all sales data available for the geographically distributed staff.   

Iflexion was chosen as a vendor of this project due to its profound experience in development of web-based applications and transparent software development process that is very convenient for the customer.


Iflexion delivered custom CRM development to assist in communication with customer employees, partners, and company management. It is an Internet-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution, available 24x7 from any part of the world, featuring contacts and time management, e-mail messaging and personalized workspaces.

Business Benefits

  • The developed application contributed to increasing level of communication in Leonardo company
  • The system allows efficient solving of every-day communication and information sharing tasks.

System Highlights

  • Extended customer contact management module allows maintaining detailed information on each separate customer.
  • Time Management module provides customers with an overview of upcoming events dates and places
  • Built-in web-based e-mail messaging service enables to keep in touch even being out of office.
  • Personalized and customizable workspace for each user.


Custom CRM development was carried out according to the three-tier model (presentation layer, business layer and persistence layer). This approach makes complex solutions less time consuming and much more scalable.

We have chosen J2EE technology as a technological basis of the project. The application was built on a custom created J2EE framework leveraging JSP/Servlets for presentation logic and a set of classes for DB layer and business logic, which are tied together by a single request processor. That made it possible to achieve good system scalability with performance being not affected seriously. 

JavaMail was used for all activities related to the e-mailing such as connection to remote POP3/SMTP servers, e-mails fetching and some others.


Our customers were much impressed with Iflexion’s custom CRM development capabilities, particularly in business analysis. They were just speaking their mind, delivering their business ideas to us and our analysts converted them into software requirements and then description of application’s functionality. Among the other projects that collocate with CRM concept, Leonardo project stands out for a new level of communication. Initially designed as a communication tool it combines all instruments, necessary for a modern-style personalized interaction. Thus, the system contains all the required tools that enable to organize efficient communication and to keep up on company news and events even in business trips.

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