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  • Comprehensive social networking features
  • Elegant user interface providing for smooth user experience
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Inspired to create a single solution for end-to-end booking of a vacation or business trip, our Customer was seeking for a web development company with a profound technical expertise. 

  • .NET
  • C#
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • MemCached
  • My SQL


Our Customer had an idea of launching an online solution that would serve as a single access point for booking a vacation or business trip, while at the same time finding the best deals.

To bring the idea to life, they were looking for a company experienced in web portal development and capable to translate the blurred idea into well-structured specifications and build a fully featured and high-performance travel portal based on them. They chose Iflexion because we offered both profound domain expertise and full-cycle development services – from business model creation and detailed specification development to solution implementation and maintenance.


We delivered an interactive travel website that allows users to search routes, purchase flights and hotel rooms, and, with the help of the ScrybeTM technology, even offer or join rideshares (applicable to community members in a 30-mile radius). Users from the same location get to know each other, express their opinions about destinations, and find the best prices for hotel, flight, and car booking.

The travel portal features the following user-oriented options:

  • Rich UI built with the use of UX best practices.
  • Flawless and steady performance.
  • Increased loading speed and functionality.
  • Intuitive navigation bar.
  • Integration with social networks. Users of MySpace and Facebook save time on creating profiles by simply entering the URL of their profiles.

Development Process

To kick off the travel portal development project, Iflexion’s team collected application requirements and wrote the product specification. We conducted intensive business analysis, suggested the vision of the product, and formulated a strategy of the portal’s further evolution. According to the Customer’s preferences, our central goal was to develop an AJAX-based advanced GUI with the use of floating windows that would interact simultaneously.


Since the web application had to be scalable, our web developers have chosen the ASP.NET framework. Iflexion employed Microsoft AJAX.NET library for its full compatibility with ASP.NET and allowance for development of new components and modification of existing ones. In addition, this framework is perfectly compatible with the vast majority of browsers and web services.

The NHibernate technology enables fast and stable work of the application. The database layer uses NHibernate for database object relations mapping, which allows coding without paying attention to specific restrictions of the database used. AJAX.NET was employed in addition to ASP.NET, to increase website performance and improve the user experience.

The solution is based on the traditional three-tier architecture:

Presentation layer - AJAX, business logic layer - JavaScript, persistance layer - NHibernate


Once launched, the portal became an instant success, popular with both travelers and service providers

The Customer was satisfied with their new travel portal because of its high performance and usability. The website is currently visited by thousands of customers every day, making their holiday and travel booking experience far more pleasant.


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