123worx: All-in-one Custom Construction Software for SMEs

  • Unmatched breadth of management capabilities
  • Seamless data access and control over all project-related facets
  • All-in-one solution for small and medium construction enterprises
Business Process Automation

Iflexion developed a single, configurable solution to help construction businesses manage everything from resource management to accounting, order management, sales, and marketing.



These days, every construction company uses various software to manage different portions of its business. Many of them are forced to employ multiple industry-specific applications as to cover the full spectrum of their activities. The construction domain being a highly competitive one, companies are struggling to make a profit and are looking for ways to cut costs and improve their management approach.

Our Customer - ÜBERbase.com Inc., one of Canada’s largest software vendors - came up with an idea to provide industry actors with an all-in-one custom construction software to help them better manage their projects, equipment, workforce, and finances with easy access to real-time information. The solution called 123worx was intended to power construction business end-to-end and reduce maintenance costs in a longer term. The Customer previously partnered with Iflexion on the development of insolvency management software and was prompted by the highly satisfactory outcome to entrust Iflexion specialists with the delivery of the current project.


123worx is a comprehensive custom construction software that is used for the construction and renovation companies within North America. Being an industry-specific solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), 123worx offers construction businesses a single, configurable solution to help them manage everything from resource management to accounting, order management, sales, and marketing.

Functionality Overview

The application consists of three main components: a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), a Project Management System, and an Accounting system. This combination offers end clients a simpler and a more effective way to manage every stage of their construction or renovation projects, covering all facets needed to run a construction industry business. 

The solution automates the following activities:

  • Marketing and Sales;
  • Project management including estimating and scheduling;
  • Commission management;
  • Resource management;
  • Order management;
  • Accounting.

The breadth of capabilities provided by 123worx is split into the following components, accessible from the web portal: 

Project Management Components

Allow users to monitor upcoming projects as to ensure the availability of necessary human and financial resources. It also enables companies to streamline data entry and gives them instant access to relevant project information, thus, enhancing their control over projects. In addition to adding convenience to project management, the module also allows for greater collaboration between the multiple entities involved in a single project: it enables key project players such as constructors, designers, engineers and architects to easily share project designs and other information.

Financial Management Tools

Provide for a seamless management of financials with AP/AR within a single portal that combines both the tools for effective cost management and an array of financial reporting options.


Provide users with at-a-glance widgets which display detailed project statistics and related information, thus, helping managers to stay on track with project workflow and enhancing their decision-making.

Workflow Management

Provides for an easy setup of automated tasks and e-mail notifications triggered by specific project-driven system events.

Contractor’s Customer Area

Enables construction contractor’s customers to access the information relevant to their construction/renovation project.

Calendar Module

Displays project schedule and automatically updates calendar with daily reminders, thus, ensuring that clients stay on track with construction projects. The platform is fully integrated with Google Calendar, which provides clients with a possibility to seamlessly sync information on deadlines and schedules across multiple devices, thus, delivering improved user experience.

Reporting and Analysis Modules

Give users instant access to graphs and reports as to ensure that management is informed timely about relevant business data in an easily comprehensible manner.

Technology Overview

The custom construction software utilizes .NET 4.5 as the main framework for the development of desktop-based clients. The user interface was delivered using Infragistics, a rich set of UI controls and components for .NET. The front-end of the application is developed using jQuery, a powerful library that enhances scripting, which was leveraged by the Iflexion team to create a user-friendly GUI.

The business logic was delivered by utilizing Aspose Words, Google Calendar API, Rebex IMAP and MS Enterprise Library. The database layer was built using NHibernate and MS SQL as a powerful and reliable system that delivers a comprehensive set of features for secure data management. 


Iflexion’s dedicated team delivered a comprehensive web solution tailored to the needs of the Customer. The platform has recently been released to ÜBERbase.com Inc. and is being tested live by one of the pioneers in the temporary housing industry in North America and the world’s leading provider of furnished and serviced corporate apartments and residences. The solution has already reduced costs and efforts related to project management. 123worx eliminated the need to utilize multiple software solutions and resort to manual data processing and is anticipated to be a highly successful tool for all construction industry operators.

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